DENUNCIA: Speaking Up in Modern Italy

Paul Ginsborg, renowned historian, named keynote speaker.

Posted in Conference Information by nyudenuncia on December 10, 2008
Paul Ginsborg

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Paul Ginsborg, Professor of European History at the University of Florence, has agreed to deliver the keynote speech for Denuncia: Speaking Up in Modern Italy.

Professor Ginsborg is the author of the following books:


  • Daniele Manin e la rivoluzione veneziana del 1848 – 49 (Feltrinelli 1978)
  • Storia d’Italia dal dopoguerra a oggi. Società e politica 1943-1988 (Einaudi 1989)
  • Dialogo su Berlinguer, con Massimo D’Alema (Giunti 1994)
  • L’Italia del tempo presente. Famiglia, società civile, Stato 1980-1996 (Einaudi 1998)
  • Berlusconi. Ambizioni patrimoniali in una democrazia mediatica (Einaudi 2003)
  • Il tempo di cambiare. Politica e potere della vita quotidiana (Einaudi 2004)
  • La Democrazia che non c’è (Einaudi2006
  • In 2006 Professor Ginsborg received the Serena medal for his work on Italian History. Ginsborg is a prominent figure in the anti-Berlusconi struggles today in Italy. His 2003 biography of Berlusconi was a best seller.  In their award to Ginsborg, the British Academny called Ginsborg “a public figure as well as a definitive historical interpreter”, exclaiming:

    “In a country overflowing with contemporary historians, expressing every possible political position, there is near-unanimity (except on the fringes) about the force of Ginsborg’s analyses; he is one of the most dominant figures in the field.”

    We are incredibly honored that Professor Ginsborg has agreed to come to New York to anchor our conference.

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