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Screening of Improvvisamente l’inverno Scorso

Posted in Documentary Film Festival by nyudenuncia on March 14, 2009

On Tuesday March 3 Improvvisamente l’inverno scorso was screened at the Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò as part of the “Denuncia in Documentary” series.  

Since 1994 the European Parliament has adopted resolutions in order to compel the member States of the European Union to eliminate any kind of discrimination against homosexuals. But because no country legally recognized same sex couples, in 1997 another parliamentary resolution considered this discrimination. In 2000 as part of a resolution on human rights, the Parliament directly requested that the States grant rights to unmarried and same sex couples equal to those of traditional marriages. Many countries in Europe complied. In 2006 the Parliament passed an official condemnation of homophobia. 

In the same year, Romano Prodi won the national election in Italy. Legal civil partnerships were part of his political platform. The following year, the Minister of Equal Opportunities proposed a bill named DiCo, a law intended to create these civil unions.

Departing from their own situation, Luca and Gustav, who have been a couple for 8 years, decided to follow the resulting debate over DiCo as it unfolded. Their documentary captures the wide-spread homophobia that emerged in reaction to DiCo across the political, religious, and social fabric of Italy. The film is also the story about their discovery and reaction to a deep-rooted anti-gay mentality that they hadn’t expected to find.  Theirs is a journey through an un-accepting Italy where they have the courage to ask the simple question, “why not?” — a question to which they often hear no real answer. Despite the bitter reality they confronted, they were able to narrate the events with irony and even lightness.

DiCo does not pass—due in no small part to the intervention of the Catholic Church—and Italy remains one of the few members of the European Union with no recognized civil partnerships.

Improvvisamente l’inverno scorso has been awarded in many film festivals around the world and gained immediate distribution abroad. But not in Italy. It hasn’t even been shown at a movie theater. Besides this, it has traveled across Italy when specifically invited to do a screening by particular organizations. However, the DVD, along with a book written by Luca and Gustav, is now available in bookstores because it was a successful film even if never given a proper reception in Italy.

Luca and Gustav kindly sent to us a short video in order to open the screening. We would like to warmly thank them for their participation.  


Audience in the auditorum of the Casa Italiana

Audience in the auditorum of the Casa Italiana


Alessandra Montalbano presents the documentary.  In the background you can see the video message that Luca and Gustav sent to introduce the screening.

Alessandra Montalbano presents the documentary. In the background you can see the video message that Luca and Gustav sent to introduce the screening.







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