DENUNCIA: Speaking Up in Modern Italy

Conference Schedule

Posted in Conference Information by nyudenuncia on March 15, 2009

We are happy to announce the schedule for the Conference.   

All events take place at New York University’s Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò at 24 West 12th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues. All panels will take place in the second floor library while the keynote address and the roundtable discussion will be held in the auditorium of the Casa.

The Conference is free and open to the public

Friday March 27: 

8:45-9:15AM  Registration and Coffee 

9:15-9:30AM  Opening Comments and Welcome from Organizers 

Valeria Castelli, Alessandra Montalbano, Jonathan Mullins 

9:30-11:00AM Dovere di cronaca: Cross-Century Approaches to Socio-political Critique 

Moderator: Elisabetta Bini (Department of History, New York University) 

Maiko Favaro, Harvard University 

“‘Il re è nudo’. Marco Travaglio e il giornalismo di denuncia nell’Italia contemporanea” 

Bruno Bonomo, Università La Sapienza, Roma and Università della Tuscia, Viterbo 

“The Vandals at home’. Antonio Cederna’s denunciation of the depredation of the Italian cities in the post-war period” 

Laura Bresciani, New York University 

“Le denunce sociali di Jessie White Mario”  

11:00-11:30AM Coffee Break 

11:30AM-1:00PM  Views of Society through Comedy and Tragedy  

Moderator: Jane Tylus (Department of Italian Studies, New York University) 

Maria Elena D’amelio, State University of New York-Stonybrook 

“I nuovi mostri della commedia all’italiana. Precariato e reality show in Tutta la vita davanti di Paolo Virzì” 

Paola Staboli, Independent Scholar 

“Connivenze e corruzione nella politica italiana nella commedia L’onorevole di Leonardo Sciascia”  

Inga Pierson, New York University 

“Children, Tragedy and Denuncia on the Italian Screen” 

 1:00-2:00PM  Lunch 

 2:00-4:00PM  Problematics of Remembering:  the Uses and Sites of Memory 

Moderator: Lidia Santarelli (Center of European and Mediterranean Studies, New York University) 

Tristan Kirvin, New York University 

“‘Servants of the Prince’: Informing, ‘Dissociation,’ and Remembrance of the Seventies”

Benedetta Tobagi, Independent Scholar 

“Living memory of the victims of Italian stragi and terrorism as a form of denuncia. Two models of action: Case della Memoria and Archives’ Network” 

Andrea Hajek, University of Warwick (UK) 

“Crash vs. Cofferati. The transference of a model of resistance” 

Camilla Zamboni, Ohio State University 

L’inutilità del bene: Demythologizing the Mafia through the defeat of the Anti-Hero” 

4:00-4:30PM  Coffee Break 

4:30PM   Keynote Address, Paul Ginsborg (Università di Firenze): “ ‘Exiles in the fatherland’: acquiescence and opposition in the Berlusconi era.”

6:00PM   Wine and Cheese Reception 

Saturday March 28: 

9:00-9:30AM  Coffee 

9:30-11AM  Filming Glocalization: the Territorial Dynamics of Protest 

Moderator: Joe Perna (Department of Italian Studies, New York University)

Luana Ciavola, University of Macquarie (Australia) 

“Filming the G8 2001: desire of the gaze, desire for revolt”  

Kim Ziegler, New York University 

“Whose Biùtiful cauntri? How a Local Documentary Denounces a National Problem” 

Dominic Holdaway. University of Warwick (UK) 

I cento passi: Popular Italian Film and Denuncia in the 21st Century” 

11:00-11:30AM Coffee Break 

11:30AM-1:00PM Stranded Speakers: the Juridical Determination of Subjects 

Moderator: Ara Merjian (Department of Italian Studies, New York University) 

Cristiana Giordano, University of Calfornia-Davis 

Denuncia: the Subject Verbalized. ‘Victims of Human Trafficking’ and the Politics of (Mis)Recognition in Contemporary Italy” 

Alex Standen, University of Birmingham (UK) 

“‘Sorvegliare e punire’: Institutional Violence in Dacia Maraini’s Il manifesto and Memorie di una ladra” 

Valerie McGuire, New York University  

“Speaking Subalterns and Silvio Berlusconi: The Politics of Immigration in Scontro di civiltà per un ascensore a Piazza Vittorio” 

1:00-2:00PM  Lunch 

2:00-4:00PM  Troubling The Truth: Narrative Modes of Resistance 

Moderator: Chiara Ferrari (Department of Italian Studies, New York University) 

Raffaello Palumbo-Mosca, University of Chicago 

“The Flesh and Blood of Italy: Notes on Literature, Ethics and Society” 

Claire Watters, University of Birmingham (UK)  

“Laughing Matters: Italian Stand-up Comedians in the Berlusconi Era”

Elisabeth Fay, Cornell University 

“La morale mancata: Leonardo Sciascia’s Favole della dittatura

4:00-4:30PM Coffee Break 

4:30PM-6:00PM  Roundtable Discussion: Denuncia in the Academy?  

What is the relationship between academic criticism and research and the “io so” that the civic intellectual declaims, powerfully marking the history of denunciation from Pier Paolo Pasolini to Roberto Saviano? What convergences are there in the role of the public intellectual and the academic? Is there room for study of the voices of denuncia within the academy? What are the risks of engaging in such a dialogue?  

Moderator: Stefano Albertini (Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò and Department of Italian Studies, New York University) 

Teresa Fiore (California State University at Long Beach – New York University) 

Paul Ginsborg (Università di Firenze) 

Nelson Moe (Barnard College, Columbia University) 



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