DENUNCIA: Speaking Up in Modern Italy

“Rompiamo il silenzio”

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During his keynote speech Paul Ginsborg distributed a petition from the political action group, Libertà e Giustizia.

It is a call to break the silence that currently stifles Italian civic life. Gustavo Zagrebelsky, along with eight other major public intellectuals, calls for the renewal of Italian democracy that can only be effected through public organizing and critical thought of all Italians. It is a call for engagement and involvement, to defy the “passive acceptance” that sullies civic life in Italy in the age of Berlusconi.

The co-signers write:
“Promuovere la cultura politica, il pensiero critico, una rete di relazioni tra persone ugualmente interessate alla convivenza civile e all’attività politica, nel segno dei valori costituzionali.”

Visit the site of Libertà e Giustizia and sign the petition as well. Circulate it widely!


Paul Ginsborg, renowned historian, named keynote speaker.

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Paul Ginsborg

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Paul Ginsborg, Professor of European History at the University of Florence, has agreed to deliver the keynote speech for Denuncia: Speaking Up in Modern Italy.

Professor Ginsborg is the author of the following books:


  • Daniele Manin e la rivoluzione veneziana del 1848 – 49 (Feltrinelli 1978)
  • Storia d’Italia dal dopoguerra a oggi. Società e politica 1943-1988 (Einaudi 1989)
  • Dialogo su Berlinguer, con Massimo D’Alema (Giunti 1994)
  • L’Italia del tempo presente. Famiglia, società civile, Stato 1980-1996 (Einaudi 1998)
  • Berlusconi. Ambizioni patrimoniali in una democrazia mediatica (Einaudi 2003)
  • Il tempo di cambiare. Politica e potere della vita quotidiana (Einaudi 2004)
  • La Democrazia che non c’è (Einaudi2006
  • In 2006 Professor Ginsborg received the Serena medal for his work on Italian History. Ginsborg is a prominent figure in the anti-Berlusconi struggles today in Italy. His 2003 biography of Berlusconi was a best seller.  In their award to Ginsborg, the British Academny called Ginsborg “a public figure as well as a definitive historical interpreter”, exclaiming:

    “In a country overflowing with contemporary historians, expressing every possible political position, there is near-unanimity (except on the fringes) about the force of Ginsborg’s analyses; he is one of the most dominant figures in the field.”

    We are incredibly honored that Professor Ginsborg has agreed to come to New York to anchor our conference.

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